Name:  Eric Dickie

Age:  48

Position:  Groundsman/Committee

Year Joined Club:  2004

Previous Clubs:  Montrose FC & Montrose Roselea

Favourite Team:  Brechin City

Best Moment in football:  Montrose beating Hibs in league cup in 1974

Most Embarrassing Moment:

We've decided to change this feature as Eric is a legend of the quote so we thought we would share some of Erics pearls of wisdom:

Just before the top of the table clash between The Vics and Roselea, Eric said that there would be two things that would happen “either een o us will win or it will be a draaa". It was pointed out that it is actually three things eric!!

On a freezing day before beating Kirrie thistle, Eric was heard saying “wid ye shut that bloooody dor cus yer letting the cald oot”.

Finally, on the way to an Aberdeen smoker erics quote “ah, theres nithin like the sicht o the granite” has made him famous for the humorous quote.