A Club For The Community

Brechin Vics Constitution



The club shall be named Brechin Victoria Junior Football Club (hereafter referred to as the ‘Football Club )


To encourage and foster the development of Junior and Youth Football and acquire and maintain the best facilities so that the highest levels of football can be accommodated.
To provide a platform which facilitates the improvement of Brechin area footballers and the success of Brechin representative teams.
To provide football coaching for Junior footballers and Youths from the Brechin area who those who wish it
We believe that sport, and in particular football, provides a positive influence on the Community as a whole.

3. The Football Club shall consist of a Chairman, Vice |Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and a minimum of seven committee members. Five committee members will form a quorum. The
committee will have powers to fill any vacancy which may arise during the year subject to the approval of the members of the Football Club. Apologise for absence to be accepted for attendance. The committee shall meet at least once every month.

4. The Annual General Meeting of the Football Club shall be held after the end of the playing season, (and normally before the end of June). The time and place of the meeting shall be intimated to members seven days in advance of the meeting. There shall be submitted at each
Annual General Meeting a report by the Secretary and a Statement of Accounts prepared by the Treasurer, duly audited and certified by an independent person.

5. The Constitution and rules of the Football Club can be altered soley at the Annual General Meeting. Notice of the proposed alteration should be sent to the Secretary four weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting, bearing the proposer’s and seconder’s particulars. No alteration will be considered unless this clause is strictly observed.

6. Honorary Membership may be conferred on a person by the Committee with the backing of the Football Club. These positions shall be honorary only and any person so elected shall have no part in the decision making process of the Football Club.

7. Extraordinary General Meetings of the Football Club may be convened at written request and signed by not less than four members giving reasons for such a meeting at least fourteen days prior to the meeting.

8. Membership of the Football Club is open to all and no application for membership will be refused on other than reasonable grounds. There will be no discrimination on grounds of race, occupation, sex or religious, political or other opinion.

9. The whole property and assets of the Football Club shall be vested in the office bearers of the Football Club and their successors in office, as trustees and trustees ex-officio for and on behalf of the Football Club and the members thereof present and future. The trustees shall, for the purposes of the Football Club, with the consent of the Committee as is evidenced by a copy of the resolution of the Committee, duly certified by the Secretary for the time being, have the power to purchase, feu, take on lease sell, let or otherwise dispose of heritable and leasehold property and power also to borrow monies on security of the Football Club property and assets and to secure the repayment of monies borrowed by granting standard securities and, if competent, any other deeds of security. All deeds of any kind or other documents to which the trustees may be parties in exercise of the powers conferred upon them by this rule shall be sufficiently executed by and binding upon the Football Club if signed by the Trustees for the time being the majority of them